RF Amplifiers for NMR, MRI, EPR

Tomco produces a wide range of amplifiers tailored to suit the requirements of NMR, MRI, EPR, ESR,ENDOR and NQR. Available across a wide range of frequencies and power levels, these amplifiers cover most commonly used NMR frequenices.

Key features are:

  • very low interpulse noise
  • high linearity
  • very fast pulse rise/fall times
  • fast post-pulse recovery
  • compact, modular systems requiring minimal ongoing maintenace
  • rugged, high reliability, 3 year warranty
  • handle up to +10dBm overdrive for no damage, robust VSWR protection
  • low power CW operation automatically available in standard 20% duty cycle models
  • ultra fast systems available for EPR

General Amplifiers for Magnetic Resonance

Model No. Frequency Peak Power Max. duty
Low power CW
BT00250-AlphaS 100kHz-30MHz 250W 20% 100ms Yes
BT00500-AlphaS 500W 20% 100ms Yes
1kW 20% 10ms
2kW 20% 10ms
BT04000-AlphaS 4kW 20% 100ms Yes
BT00250-AlphaSA 500kHz-150MHz 250W 20% 100ms Yes
BT00500-AlphaSA 500W 20% 100ms Yes
1kW 20% 10ms
BT02000-AlphaSA 2kW 20% 100ms Yes
BT00100-Gamma 5-400MHz 100W 20% 300ms Yes
BT00250-Gamma 250W 20% 300ms Yes
BT00500-Gamma 500W 20% 300ms Yes
BT01000-Gamma 1kW 20% 300ms Yes
BT00250-GammaS 5-310MHz 250W 20% 300ms Yes
BT00500-GammaS 500W 20% 300ms Yes
BT01000-GammaS 1kW 20% 300ms Yes
BT00100-Delta 100-600MHz 100W 20% 300ms Yes
BT00250-Delta 250W 20% 300ms Yes
BT00500-Delta 500W 20% 300ms Yes
BT01000-Delta 1kW 20% 300ms Yes

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Dual Band RF Amplifier for NMR

Model no. Frequency Peak power Max. duty cycle Max. pulse width Notes
TwinPulse400 Channel A: 200-650MHz
Channel B: 5-300MHz
Channel A: 100W
Channel B: 300W
20% 300ms

Dual channel amplifier

Drop-in replacement for Herley/AMT 3900 amps

NEW!  BT02000-DualChannel

Fixed in the range 


1kW/1kW 20% 100ms Low power CW

Ultra fast pulse rise/fall time amplifiers for EPR

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Model no. Frequency Peak power Max. duty cycle Max. pulse width Notes
BT00500-EPR    Fixed freq in the range 100-900MHz 500W 5% 10µs

<15ns rise time
<10ns fall time
at frequenices >300MHz

BT01000-EPR 1kW 5% 10µs
BT02000-EPR 2kW 5% 10µs
BT04000-EPR 4kW 5% 10µs
BT00250-EPR-6722 200-750MHz 250W 5% 10µs

Amplifier Modules

Our amplifier modules are popular choices for OEMs and do-it-yourself spectrometer builders. They are "brick" modules meaning power amplifier stage only with no power supply or mismatch protection. They do include over temperature protection and can be supplied with suitable heatsink and fan assembly.

They offer a versatile, cost-effective solution for the RF amplifier stage of benchtop magnetic resonance systems.

Model No. Frequency Peak Power Pulsed operation Notes
Max.duty cycle Max.pulse width
BTM00250-AlphaS 100kHz-30MHz 250W pulsed/50W CW 20% 100ms Gating included: high fidelity pulsed operation
BTM00250-AlphaSA 500kHz-150MHz 250W pulsed/50W CW 20% 100ms
BTM00300-GammaS 5-310MHz 300W pulsed/30W CW 20% 100ms
BTM00100-DeltaS 200-650MHz 100W pulsed/15W CW 20% 100ms